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Braw Burn the Bridges

lyrics & melody by R. Gullane, arranged by the Tannahill Weavers, Parallax Music
How often over the centuries have we Scots left loved ones on a distant shore, with no guarantee of our return?  Some things are destined never to change.

The seed of this song was sown in the back of a car, for want of a more romantic expression, and germinated somewhere between Bloomington, Indiana, and the Carolina coast.


Bide a wee ye bonnie hours o' sweet yestreen
Haud awa' the thocht that e'er I will forget
Lang the wimplin wey unrowes afore my een?
And the mindin' will be sweeter yet

   Aye, the road was haudin' frae the lass that I will aye remember
   Braw burn the bridges far behind me in the rain
   The leaves were changin' tae the colour's o' the glowing embers
   My heart lay waiting for the spring tae come again

Hae we rin the gless or daur we dream of mair
While as surely as the river meets the sea?
When the eastlin's wind has blawn the forest bare
Will the pertin' a' the wider be?


Could I leeze me on your lousome face again
Gin the traivel's turn should bring me tae your side
Fain would I nae langer steek my heart wi' pain
Or lay curse upon the ocean wide




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