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The Highland Laddie

Traditional, arranged by the Tannahill Weavers


Now we have a strange one.  This song deals with a Lowland girl's love for a Highland man.  She wants to run away with him and live in his kilt.  The last statement is not as ridiculous as you think, as the plaidie and kilt were used not only as a uniform but as somewhere for a traveling man to sleep.  A soldier in particular would never fight wearing his kilt, as it restricted his movement.  This is also the reason why the Scots did win a few battles.  If you know what is worn beneath the kilt, and you can imagine 5,000 of them running towards you... you would want to run away.


The Lawland Lads think they are fine
But oh they're vain and idle gaudy
How much unlike the graceful mein
And manly looks o' my Highland Laddie

If I were free at will to choose
To be the wealthiest Lawland Lady
I'd tak' young Donald without trews
Wi' bonnet blue and Highland plaidie


  Oh my bonnie bonnie Highland Laddie
  Oh my bonnie bonnie Highland Laddie
  When I was sick and like to die
  He rowed me in his Highland plaidie

O'er Benty Hill wi' him I'll run
And leave my Lawland kin and daddy
Frae winters chill and summers sun
He'll screen me in his Highland plaidie

A painted room, a silken red
Maun please a Lawland Lord and Lady
But I can kiss and be as glad
Behind a bush in his Highland plaidie

Nae greater joy I'll e'er pretend
Than that his love prove true and steady
Like mine to him which ne'er shall end
While heaven preserves my Highland Laddie




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